Skilmatic Self-Contained Valve Actuator -- SI-1-L160/65

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in: Electric Valve Actuators

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Skilmatic Self-Contained Valve Actuator -- SI-1-L160/65 -- View Larger Image
Skilmatic Self-Contained Valve Actuator -- SI-1-L160/65-Image

The Skilmatic range is a self-contained electro-hydraulic valve actuation solution available for both quarter-turn and linear applications. The actuators incorporate sophisticated electronics that provide non-intrusive set-up and interrogation via an infra-red hand held remote. They are suitable for on/off, modulating and emergency shutdown duties in applications up to SIL 3.

  • Linear thrust output 1.7 to 5500kN.
  • Quarter-turn torque output 65 to 600,000Nm.
  • Single-, three-phase or 24VDC power supply options.
  • Non-intrusive infrared setting & configuration.
  • LCD display for position, pressure, diagnostics and fault indication.
  • Optional bus communications via all major protocols.
  • Partial stroke test capability.
  • Watertight or explosionproof.
  • Double-sealed terminal compartment.
  • ATEX, FM, CSA, IEC and GOST certified.

Product Category
Electric Valve Actuators
Valve Motion
Linear Actuator Specification
Stroke Length
2.56 inch (65 mm)
Actuator Force
1212 to 2187 lbs (550 to 992 kg)
Electrical Actuator
AC Voltage
110 to 690 volts

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