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Brushless DC Motor -- 15-15-23 -- View Larger Image
Brushless DC Motor -- 15-15-23-Image

Brushless DC motors are ideal for various applications such as: Pump, Medical, Aerospace, and Industrial. ARC Systems, Inc. uses high energy materials including Neodymium- Iron-Boron, Samarium Cobalt, and Hyperco 50, enabling us to meet and exceed the rigid performance requirements of our customers. ARC Systems, Inc. designs deliver maximum power in the smallest package. ARC Systems, Inc. is committed to producing highly technical designs at unbeatable prices. We specialize in 2 Wire Brushless D.C. Motors with the Controller built in.

Product Category
Motor Description
Permanent Magnet
DC Voltage
26.0 VDC
Performance Specifications
Shaft Speed
? to 10700 rpm
Holding Torque
? to 3.6 In-lbs (? to 4.18 kg-cm)

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Torque Constant
Gearing Options
Gearhead Model
Gear Type
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Shaft Orientation
Housing / Enclosure
Motor Shape
Diameter / Width

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