Optical Triangulation Position Sensor -- LK-G507

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LK-G3000 Precision 1D Laser Triangulation Sensor

The LK-G3000 is a 1D Laser Triangulation Displacement Sensor for high precision distance measurement on any surface. With KEYENCE's custom LI-CCD, superior Ernostar lens, and ABLE algorithm, the sensor is able to automatically adjust and optimize for any surface in microseconds to ensure stable and accurate measurement. Unlike many laser triangulation sensors, the LK Series has the ability to not only see glass, but also measure the thickness of glass for one side. A sampling rate of up to 50 kHz and built-in measurement processing functions allows stable measurement and instant feedback without requiring any external processing.

  • Sampling Speed of 50 kHz
  • Resolution of 0.0004 Mil
  • Multi-functional Controller
  • Simple, Menu Driven Software

Common Applications:

  • Thickness
  • Width
  • Height
  • Runout

Product Category
Linear Position Sensors
Sensor Technology
Optical Triangulation Position Sensor
Measurement Range
9.84 to 39.37 inch (250 to 1000 mm)
0.1000 ±% Full Scale
Sampling Frequency
1 to 50 kHz

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