Meltric Corporation Datasheets for Disconnect Switches

Disconnect switches rapidly disconnect circuits from power supplies in the event of an emergency.
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Product Name Notes
2PE 208V
2PE 250V
2PE 480V
2PE 600V
2PNE 120/208V
2PNE 125/250V
2PNE 347/600V
2PNE 480V
3PE 30/208V
3PE 30/480V
3PE 30/600V
3PNE 120/208
3PNE 277/480V
3PNE 347/600V
Receptacle housing, available in poly or metal, fusible or non-fusible
15 Amp Duplex 480V
15 Amp Duplex 600V
20 Amp Single 480V
20 Amp Single 600V
30 Amp Single 480V
30 Amp Single 600V
Square D disconnect, 15 amp duplex receptacle, DS power receptacle