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Double Surface Optical Flat -2"dia. -- View Larger Image
Double Surface Optical Flat -2"dia.-Image

Advanced Optics also offers double-surface optical flats for use as optical windows. As with our optical flats, our windows are made of synthetic fused silica which provides superior transmission characteristics, a high degree of purity, exceptional environmental durability, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Both are provided either uncoated or with an anti-reflective coating. Advanced Optics dual-surface optical flats are an excellent choice when an optical system requires separation between two environments while passing a specific wavelength(s) of light or for demanding interferometry requirements.

Product Category
Optical Flats
Optical Flat Geometry
Optical Flat Shape
Optical Flat Diameter, Side Length, or Rectangular Length
50.8 mm (2 inch)
15.87 mm (0.6250 inch)
Optical Flat Material
Fused Silica

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Optical Flat Features
Type of Antireflection Coating
Optical Flat Surface
Surface Quality
Surface Flatness

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