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ERIFLEX® FLEXIBAR -- ERIFLEX® FLEXIBAR and Power Flexibles -- View Larger Image

ERICO offers a very large range of power flexibles (close to 100 different sizes), including FLEXIBAR® insulated flexible busbar, braided power shunts and presswelded power shunts.



  • Consists of a stack of electrolytic copper laminates protected within a durable PVC insulation
  • Laminates are free to slide within the insulation, offering unlimited twisting and bending possibilities for panelboard assembly
  • Weight and volume savings for panels
  • Improved design flexibility
  • Saves time during installation
  • Improves safety and reliability of panels
  • Tools and accessories also available

Ground & Braided Power Shunts

  • Undrilled palms to customer's specific designs, fitted by power press
  • Extra-flexible power connections (expansion rings, busbar etc)
  • Tinned electrolytic copper strand - diameter 0.15 mm

Presswelded Power Shunts

  • Press welding is welding of laminations to each other through direct current applied to pieces under pressure
  • This results in the formation of a solid palm with properties of plain bar
  • Smaller cross-section for same capacity
  • Runs cooler than equal section
  • Plain copper, thickness of laminations 0.3 mm

FLEXIBAR flexible busbar can be used on all types of connections on low-voltage industrial power distribution and control.

  • Alternative to large and small cables
  • Alternative to rigid busbar sets
  • Connections between a main busbar and distribution equipment (contactors, circuit-breakers, switches, etc.)
  • Connections between a transformer and a bus-duct
  • Connections between a bus-duct and an electrical cabinet
  • Expansion joint

Product Category
Busbars and Busways
Busbar Type
Single Conductor; Flexible Conductor

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