Huck C120L® Lockbolt -- 8.8 Grade Two-Piece Lockbolt Fastener

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Huck C120L® Lockbolt -- 8.8 Grade Two-Piece Lockbolt Fastener -- View Larger Image
Huck C120L® Lockbolt -- 8.8 Grade Two-Piece Lockbolt Fastener-Image

A result of Huck International innovation a half-century ago, the versatile Alcoa Fastening Systems C6L®/C120L Lock Bolt remains the number one fastening system for applications that require a strong, vibration-resistant seal today. C6L/C120L’s exclusive locking groove design ensures a permanent fit that resists loosening. That means it’s ideal for applications from general manufacturing to such high-vibration applications as HVAC, trailer and container assembly, rotary and rotating equipment, shopping carts, railroad and transit cars, geodesic structures, and many others. In addition to offering superior fastening performance, the C6L/C120L system reduces labor and installation costs, along with rework and warranty expenses. For example, using the C6L/C120L eliminates the need to hire certified welders or specially trained employees, because workers can be instructed to install these foolproof fasteners in a matter of minutes. The C6L/C120L is simply stronger, easier to install, and more durable than welding, adhesives, or conventional threaded fastening systems.

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