Mean Well USA, Inc. Datasheets for DC-DC Converters

DC-DC converters accept DC input and provide regulated and/or isolated DC output in various applications including computer flash memory, telecommunications equipment, and process control systems.
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Product Name Notes
SBT01 Series -- SBT01L-05
SBT01 Series -- SBT01L-09
SBT01 Series -- SBT01L-12
SBT01 Series -- SBT01L-15
SBT01 Series -- SBT01M-05
SBT01 Series -- SBT01M-09
SBT01 Series -- SBT01M-12
SBT01 Series -- SBT01M-15
1000VDC i/o isolation, smd package, low cost, high reliability
DET01 Series -- DET01L-05
DET01 Series -- DET01L-09
DET01 Series -- DET01L-12
DET01 Series -- DET01L-15
DET01 Series -- DET01M-05
DET01 Series -- DET01M-09
DET01 Series -- DET01M-12
DET01 Series -- DET01M-15
DFT01 Series -- SFT01L-05
DFT01 Series -- SFT01L-09
DFT01 Series -- SFT01L-12
DFT01 Series -- SFT01L-15
DFT01 Series -- SFT01M-05
DFT01 Series -- SFT01M-09
DFT01 Series -- SFT01M-12
DFT01 Series -- SFT01M-15
3000VDC i/o isolation, smd package, low cost, high reliability
S-210 -48
AC Input range selectable by switch
40Amp UPS -- DR-UPS40 Battery controller for ups system, parallel connection to dc bus
200W Medical Series -- MPD-200A
200W Medical Series -- MPD-200B
200W Medical Series -- MPQ-200B
200W Medical Series -- MPQ-200C
200W Medical Series -- MPQ-200D
200W Medical Series -- MPQ-200F
200W Medical Series -- MPS-200-12
200W Medical Series -- MPS-200-15
200W Medical Series -- MPS-200-24
200W Medical Series -- MPS-200-3.3
200W Medical Series -- MPS-200-48
200W Medical Series -- MPS-200-5
200W Medical Series -- MPT-200A
200W Medical Series -- MPT-200B
200W Medical Series -- MPT-200C
200W Medical Series -- MPT-200D
Built-in remote ON-OFF control, fixed switching frequency at 100KHz
Built-in remote sense function
DR-30 -24
DR-60 -24
Can be installed on DIN rail TS-35/7.5 or 15
PS-0 5 Series -- PS-05-12
PS-0 5 Series -- PS-05-15
PS-0 5 Series -- PS-05-24
PS-0 5 Series -- PS-05-48
PS-0 5 Series -- PS-05-5
PS-15 Series -- PS-15 -48
PS-15 Series -- PS-15-12
PS-15 Series -- PS-15-15
PS-15 Series -- PS-15-24
PS-15 Series -- PS-15-5
Cooling by free air convection, 100% full load burn-in test
RPD-60 Series -- RPD-60A
RPD-60 Series -- RPD-60B
RPS-60 Series -- RPS-60-12
RPS-60 Series -- RPS-60-15
RPS-60 Series -- RPS-60-24
RPS-60 Series -- RPS-60-3.3
RPS-60 Series -- RPS-60-48
RPS-60 Series -- RPS-60-5
RPT-60 Series -- RPT-60A
RPT-60 Series -- RPT-60B
RPT-60 Series -- RPT-60C
Cooling by free air convection, low leakage current <200uA
SD-500 Series -- SD-500H-12
SD-500 Series -- SD-500H-24
SD-500 Series -- SD-500H-48
SD-500 Series -- SD-500L-12
SD-500 Series -- SD-500L-24
SD-500 Series -- SD-500L-48
DC input active surge current limiting
DCW08 Series -- DCW08A-05
DCW08 Series -- DCW08A-12
DCW08 Series -- DCW08A-15
DCW08 Series -- DCW08B-05
DCW08 Series -- DCW08B-12
DCW08 Series -- DCW08B-15
DCW08 Series -- DCW08C-05
DCW08 Series -- DCW08C-12
DCW08 Series -- DCW08C-15
Dual output DC/DC converter, low cost, miniature size
Fixed switching frequency at 65KH
SPU02 Series -- SPU02L-05
SPU02 Series -- SPU02L-12
SPU02 Series -- SPU02L-15
SPU02 Series -- SPU02M-05
SPU02 Series -- SPU02M-12
SPU02 Series -- SPU02M-15
SPU02 Series -- SPU02N-05
SPU02 Series -- SPU02N-12
SPU02 Series -- SPU02N-15
Low cost, high reliability, miniature size
SCW-12 Series -- Model SCW12A-05
SCW-12 Series -- Model SCW12A-12
SCW-12 Series -- Model SCW12A-15
SCW-12 Series -- Model SCW12B-05
SCW-12 Series -- Model SCW12B-12
SCW-12 Series -- Model SCW12B-15
SCW-12 Series -- Model SCW12C-05
SCW-12 Series -- Model SCW12C-12
SCW-12 Series -- Model SCW12C-15
Modified models available: output 2.5V/3.3V
Output voltage can be trimmed between 70~100% of the rated output voltage
Model SD-15A-05
Model SD-15A-12
Model SD-15A-24
Model SD-15B-05
Model SD-15B-12
Model SD-15B-24
Model SD-15C-05
Model SD-15C-12
Model SD-15C-24
Overload and short circuit protection, built-in EMI filter
DCW-12 Series -- Model DCW12A-05
DCW-12 Series -- Model DCW12A-12
DCW-12 Series -- Model DCW12A-15
DCW-12 Series -- Model DCW12B-05
DCW-12 Series -- Model DCW12B-12
DCW-12 Series -- Model DCW12B-15
DCW-12 Series -- Model DCW12C-05
DCW-12 Series -- Model DCW12C-12
DCW-12 Series -- Model DCW12C-15
Overload and short circuit protection, input PI network filter
Model PSD-15A-05
Model PSD-15A-12
Model PSD-15A-24
Model PSD-15B-05
Model PSD-15B-12
Model PSD-15B-24
Model PSD-15C-05
Model PSD-15C-12
Model PSD-15C-24
Protections: short circuit/over load /over voltage/polarity
PPS-200 -48
PWM control and regulated, built-in active PFC function
SD-1000 Series -- SD-1000H-12
SD-1000 Series -- SD-1000H-24
SD-1000 Series -- SD-1000H-48
SD-1000 Series -- SD-1000L-12
SD-1000 Series -- SD-1000L-24
SD-1000 Series -- SD-1000L-48
Single output compact DC/DC converter
SCW08 Series -- SCW08A-05
SCW08 Series -- SCW08A-12
SCW08 Series -- SCW08A-15
SCW08 Series -- SCW08B-05
SCW08 Series -- SCW08B-12
SCW08 Series -- SCW08B-15
SCW08 Series -- SCW08C-05
SCW08 Series -- SCW08C-12
SCW08 Series -- SCW08C-15
Single output DC/DC converter, low cost, miniature size
SD-200 Single output, 2:1 wide input range, 1500VDC I/O isolation
MDR-10 Series -- MDR-10-12
MDR-10 Series -- MDR-10-15
MDR-10 Series -- MDR-10-24
MDR-10 Series -- MDR-10-5
Slim type DIN rail switching power supply
NFM-05 Series -- NFM-05-12
NFM-05 Series -- NFM-05-15
NFM-05 Series -- NFM-05-24
NFM-05 Series -- NFM-05-3.3
NFM-05 Series -- NFM-05-5
NFM-10 Series -- NFM-10-12
NFM-10 Series -- NFM-10-15
NFM-10 Series -- NFM-10-24
NFM-10 Series -- NFM-10-3.3
NFM-10 Series -- NFM-10-5
NFM-15 Series -- NFM-15-12
NFM-15 Series -- NFM-15-15
NFM-15 Series -- NFM-15-24
NFM-15 Series -- NFM-15-3.3
NFM-15 Series -- NFM-15-5
NFM-20 Series -- NFM-20-12
NFM-20 Series -- NFM-20-15
NFM-20 Series -- NFM-20-24
NFM-20 Series -- NFM-20-3.3
NFM-20 Series -- NFM-20-5
PM-05 Series -- PM-05-12
PM-05 Series -- PM-05-15
PM-05 Series -- PM-05-24
PM-05 Series -- PM-05-3.3
PM-05 Series -- PM-05-5
PM-10 Series -- PM-10-12
PM-10 Series -- PM-10-15
PM-10 Series -- PM-10-24
PM-10 Series -- PM-10-3.3
PM-10 Series -- PM-10-5
PM-15 Series -- PM-15-12
PM-15 Series -- PM-15-15
PM-15 Series -- PM-15-24
PM-15 Series -- PM-15-3.3
PM-15 Series -- PM-15-5
PM-20 Series -- PM-20-12
PM-20 Series -- PM-20-15
PM-20 Series -- PM-20-24
PM-20 Series -- PM-20-3.3
PM-20 Series -- PM-20-5
Ultra-miniature size, cooling by free air convection
DR-100 Series -- DR-100-12
DR-100 Series -- DR-100-15
DR-100 Series -- DR-100-24
MDR-100 Series -- MDR-100-12
MDR-100 Series -- MDR-100-24
MDR-100 Series -- MDR-100-48
Universal AC input / full range, 3 years warranty
SD-350 Universal AC input, PFC, remote sense
Model ASP-150-12
Model ASP-150-15
Model ASP-150-20
Model ASP-150-24
Model ASP-150-48
ZCS/ZVS Technology to reduce power dissipation
USP-350 Series -- USP-350-12
USP-350 Series -- USP-350-15
USP-350 Series -- USP-350-24
USP-350 Series -- USP-350-3.3
USP-350 Series -- USP-350-48
USP-350 Series -- USP-350-5
ZVS Technology to reduce power dissipation