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Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber -- Model SM-3.5-3200

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Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber -- Model SM-3.5-3200-Image

Thermotron's S-Series Benchtop Temperature Test Chambers offer flexibility, uniformity and control accuracy required for cost effective testing for a variety of products. Ideal for testing smaller products such as computer components, automobile sensors or cellular phones, these chambers combine superior performance with compact design that is perfect for research and development or personal point-of-use testing.

Available in several sizes, the S-Series Benchtop chambers allow you to cost effectively select the exact chamber that best meets your environmental test criteria. These chambers can be mounted in an instrument rack or will easily sit on a laboratory benchtop.

Depending on configuration, Thermotron's S-Series Benchtop chambers can provide a temperature range from -73 to +180°C (-100 to +356°F) and rapid temperature change rates.

Thermotron's S-Series Benchtop test chambers are equipped with the 3200 Programmer/Controller. The 3200 has been designed and refined for environmental test chamber applications. The 3200 displays an interactive touch-sensitive keypad with a four-line display which makes program entry and monitoring easy.

An optional Ethernet connection allows computer interface for PC control and recording test data, while the web server feature enables remote access. 3200 Controller functionality can be further enhanced with the PDA Chamber Monitor, a handheld PDA that enables remote access and monitoring of Thermotron test equipment via a wireless Intranet. With application specific software and an easy-to-use graphical interface, the PDA Chamber Monitor makes it easy to monitor chamber performance and operation.

Product Category
Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms
Temperature; Humidity
Thermal Specifications
Temperature Control
Heating; Cooling
Temperature Range
-18 to 110 C (-0 to 230 F)
Control Accuracy
1.1 ± °C

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Ramp Rate
Humidity Specifications
Humidity Range
Humidity Control
Internal Dimension / Platform Size
External Dimensions