General Purpose Limit Switch, Series WL; Side Rotary - Adjustable; Single Pole Double Throw,Double Break; Standard -- SZL-WL-B

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in: Rotary Limit Switches

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The new economical SZL-WL Series general purpose limit switches are cost-effective switches for detecting objects, which can be touched. Rugged and dependable, these switches are offered in a variety of actuators and electrical ratings. Four series of overtravel type, High precision type, and sputterless type can be selected based on our specific application. These switches are specially designed for world-wide applications and supported by Honeywell global resources for sales and after sales service.

Product Category
Rotary Limit Switches
Switch Configuration
Single Pole, Double Throw (SPDT)
Actuator Type
Adjustable Roller
Maximum Current Rating
10 amps
Maximum AC Voltage Rating
480 volts
Maximum DC Voltage Rating
250 volts

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