VCL-5000 Series -- VCL-5001

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in: Rotary Limit Switches

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VCL-5000 Series -- VCL-5001-Image

2 Sets of SPDT Type Built-in Switches Enable Use As a 2-point Detection Type
Switch or Multi-circuit Control Type Switch.
• On the 2-point detection (center-neutral) type switch, two different switches
operate according to the direction (CW or CCW) of actuator rotation.
• A single switch can detect two points (valve upper/lower limit, fully open/close,
• On the multi-circuit control type, the two switches operate simultaneously according
to actuator rotation.
• High sensitivity characteristics (P.T. .. 10°, M.D. .. 3°)

Product Category
Rotary Limit Switches
Switch Type
Switch Configuration
Single Pole, Double Throw (SPDT)
Actuator Type
Standard Roller
Screw Terminal
Top Mounted Actuator

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