Capillary Gas Chromatograph System -- GC-2010 Plus

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Realize dramatic improvements in productivity with the GC-2010 Plus. Out of the box, it's ready to perform high-speed GC utilizing the latest in ultra narrow-bore capillary columns. The fourth generation Advanced Flow Controller delivers up to 1200 ml/min, 140 psi of pressure and supports split ratios of 9999:1. With fast data collection, rapid cooling, and world-class sensitivity limits, the ultimate in fast, sensitivite GC capabilities has arrived. The GC-2010 Plus features: • Best-in-class detectors - addresses increasing sensitivity demands for trace-level analysis • Rapid oven cooling • Long-term stability of retention times • Excellent precision

Product Category
Gas Chromatographs
Instrument Type
Cosmetics / Fragrances; Industrial Gases; Organic Chemicals; Thermal Decomposition
Chromatograph Oven
Oven Operation
Oven; Temperature Programmable
Oven Temperature Range
122 to 536 F (50 to 280 C)
Flow Control
Pump Flow Control
Flow Control

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