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Overload Relay -- 193-EECB -- View Larger Image
Overload Relay -- 193-EECB-Image

Bul. 193/592-EC1 Overload Relays:

  • 0.4…5000 A current range
  • DeviceNet ready (ODVA Conformance Tested)
  • LED indicators
  • Test/Reset button
  • Adjustable trip class 5…30
  • Ambient temperature compensation
  • True RMS current sensing (20…250 Hz)
  • Protection for single- and three-phase motors
  • Integrated I/O (2 In/1 Out)
  • Programmable trip and warning settings
  • Diagnostic functions (history of last 5 trips and warnings)
  • Node address switches (series B)

Bul. 193/592-EC2/EC3 Overload Relays:

  • Features of Bul. 193/592-EC1
  • Integrated I/O (4 In/2 Out)
  • EC2: Low-level (1…5 A) internal ground fault protection
  • EC3:High-level (20 mA…5 A) external ground fault protection
  • PTC thermistor monitoring
  • DeviceLogix™ component technology (series B)
  • Two-speed motor protection (series B)

Bul. 193/592-EC4 Current Monitor Relay:

  • Current monitoring for three independent channels

Product Category
Thermal Overload Relays
Overload Relay Type
Thermal Overload Electrical Ratings
Full Load Current Range
1.00 to 5.00 amps
Trip Class
Motor / Load Phase
Single; Three

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