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Impingement Type Infrared Burner -- Model KN -- View Larger Image
Impingement Type Infrared Burner -- Model KN-Image

The Red-Ray flame impingement gas-fired burners (Models F, KN, 67IR and 64IR) employ an air-gas mixture impinging directly on the finned refractory surface to produce a high-density flux of maximum radiance. The flame itself is not the source of infra-red radiation. Its function is to heat the refractory to temperatures of 1650° to 2000°F. The refractory then emits infrared energy in the micron range most efficient for the product heating process.

Product Category
Burner Type
Radiant / Infrared
Food Industry, Industrial Process Heating, Powder Coating
Combustion Fuel
Natural Gas; Propane
Material of Construction
Cast Iron, Alloy, Ceramic
Maximum Capacity
56000 BTU/hr (16414 W)

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