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Widefield Super-Resolution -- Leica SR GSD -- View Larger Image
Widefield Super-Resolution -- Leica SR GSD-Image
Resolve down to 20 nm with GSDIM

GSDIM is a scientifically proven method using a wide range of standard fluorochromes.

Leica Microsystems are pioneers in super-resolution microscopy. The 2007 introduction of the Leica TCS STED heralded a new era of products that break the barriers of diffractionlimited imaging.

Based on the highly regarded Leica AM TIRF MC system and the Leica DMI6000 B inverted microscope, the Leica SR GSD harnesses an imaging technique known as Ground State Depletion (GSDIM).

Product Category
Biological / Life Sciences
Microscope Type
Performance Specs
50 nm (500 Å)
Field of View
0.7087 to 9.84 inch (18 to 250 mm)

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