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Digital Microscope -- Leica DVM5000 -- View Larger Image
Digital Microscope -- Leica DVM5000-Image

The Leica DVM5000 is a highly integrated digital microscope system that features outstanding performance capacity and speed. Within a very short time, the Leica DVM5000 provides the desired results - even complex 3D models are available in mere seconds.

For quality control, usually a sample is brought to the microscope for inspection and analysis. However, some products can­not be transported and do not allow a sample to be taken for microscopic analysis; only nondestructive inspection is possible. The Leica DVM5000 is specifically designed for such situations. Here, you can bring the microscope to the sample.

Product Category
Biological / Life Sciences; Medical / Forensic
Microscope Type
Performance Specs
1 to 7000 X
4400 nm (44000 Å)

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