JOGLER, Inc. Datasheets for Level Transmitters

Level transmitters or level transducers are used to measure the level of a liquid or bulk solid material (as well as slurries) within a specified space. For each measurement, they provide an electrical output that is proportional to the input level.
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Product Name Notes
Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter -- Series ILT-6000 Jogler’s ILT-6000 series level transmitter is the latest in magnetostrictive sensing technology designed for direct tank insertion. The ILT-6000 contains a low profile waveguide that is inserted into a waveguide...
Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter -- Series LGT-6000 Jogler’s LGT-6000 series level transmitter is the first magnetostrictive level sensor that is specifically designed for sight glass automation. The LGT-6000 contains a low profile waveguide that can be mounted...
Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter -- Series MGT-6000 Jogler’s MGT-6000 series level transmitter is the latest development in magnetostrictive liquid level sensing technology that is designed exclusively for magnetic level indicators. The MGT-6000 contains a low profile waveguide...

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