RS Components, Ltd. Datasheets for Single Phase Surge Suppressors

Single phase surge suppressors protect equipment from transient overvoltages present on AC single phase power lines.
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Product Name Notes
8067294 Class-2 insulation. Maximum discharge current: 8 to 65 kA. Maximum continuous operating voltage, Uc = 340, 460 V. iPRD withdrawable surge arresters allow quick replacement of damaged cartridges Maximum Surge...
7125272 For Lightning Protection Levels III and IV. Seamless pluggability of even N/PE spark gap. Secure hold of connectors in the event of high lightning current loads and strong vibration. Thermal...
Professional range of Sola high frequency noise filters from the Islatrol IC+ series. Suitable applications include industrial or office equipment. Transient protection in all modes. LED power indication Maximum Surge...
8153275 Surge Arrestor Load Center 1-Phase - Circuit Protection & Circuit Breakers - Industrial Surge Protection
Surge protection for the power supply with safe energy control Varistor arrester free of leakage current. Extremely narrow design, just 12mm per position. Plug-in. Low voltage protection level of 1.5...
8903758 Surge Protection PLT-SEC-T3-120-FM - Circuit Protection & Circuit Breakers - Industrial Surge Protection
8903752 Surge Protection PLT-SEC-T3-230-FM - Circuit Protection & Circuit Breakers - Industrial Surge Protection
8903761 Surge Protection PLT-SEC-T3-24-FM - Circuit Protection & Circuit Breakers - Industrial Surge Protection
8903768 Surge Protection PLT-SEC-T3-60-FM - Circuit Protection & Circuit Breakers - Industrial Surge Protection
8153266 Surge Protective Device (SPD) - Circuit Protection & Circuit Breakers - Industrial Surge Protection
The FLT-SEC lightning arresters combine surge protection and backup fuse in a single connectors. It is no longer necessary to install a separate arrester backup fuse, this save space and...
The STF Series active tracking filter from SolaHD. This series offers active tracking technology to guard against commonly occurring and very damaging lower energy transients while offering excellent performance in...
The STFV Plus Series from SolaHD. These filters combine active tracking technology with surge protection against voltage transients and surges. They continuously track the input AC power line and respond...
The STV 100K series from SolaHD. These hardwired surge protective devices are designed for installation at the service entrance, branch panel or a dedicated sensitive electronic load. The STV 100K...
The STV 25K DIN rail series from SolaHD. This series provides protection at the dedicated equipment level and against damaging transients. Suitable for installation in electronic control cabinets in harsh...
7018727 These surge protection devices are recommended for locations having a high exposure to lightning, for example, light entrances to buildings protected by lightning rods or powered by aerial lines. These...