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UVB Detector -- 3D-UVB -- View Larger Image
UVB Detector -- 3D-UVB-Image

The 3D Version 2 meter is capable of measuring the UV-A and UV-B spectrum. The meter shows the intensity of UV-B (also called SUV - Sunburning UV) in Minimal Erythemal Doses per Hour (MED/Hr), the accepted clinical measure for sunburn potential. A UV-A detector measures light intensity in the range between 320 and 400 nm, displaying UV-A irradiance in milliwatts per square centimeter.

Also available as the 3D-XP Xeroderma Erythemal SUV Intensity Meter for measuring very low UV intensity to 3 decimal places. Please specify wavelength range required when ordering.

Product Category
Weather Instruments
Device Classification
Sensor System
Weather Component Sensed
Measures solar Radiation
Solar Radiation Performance Specs
Wavelength Range Measured
280 to 320 nm (2800 to 3200 Å)
Dimensions & Mounting Options
5.5 inch (140 mm)
0.1000 lbs (0.0454 kg)

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