Insertion Type Flow Switches -- 12-64B

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in: Volumetric Liquid Flow Switches

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FCI's first and most widely used flow switch monitor, the 12-64B BASIC insertion type flow switch provides low flow detection over a wide flow range. Any type of external control system can be actuated from either the normally open or closed output contacts of the instrument's on-board control circuit board DPDT relay. The flow sensing element of the instrument and its modular control circuit are mounted in a rugged aluminum enclosure that is Factory Mutual, CSA, CENELEC and CE Mark approved for hazardous location service. The wetted surfaces of the sensing element are 316 stainless steel with nickel-braze providing resistance to most liquid, gaseous and particulate media.

Product Category
Volumetric Liquid Flow Switches
Meter Technology
Physical Specifications
Pipe Diameter
1.00 inch (25.4 mm)
Meter Type
Mass Flow Meter; Volumetric Flow Meter; Velocity Flow Meter
Process Operating Conditions
Process Media Type
Liquid; Gas

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Operating Pressure
Media Temperature
Flow Performance Range
Switch Specifications
Switch Type
Normal State
AC Voltage
DC Voltage

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