Makrolon® 6487 PC Resin -- MAKROLON 6487

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in: Polymers and Plastic Resins

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Makrolon 6485 and 6487 polycarbonate resin is a linear, low-viscosity, high-performance thermoplastic. This flame-retardant grade exhibits UL94 flammability rating** of V-0 at a thickness of 1.5 mm (0.059 in) and V-0/5VA at a thickness of 3.0 mm (0.118 in). Makrolon 6485 resin contains an internal mold release additive and can also be produced with a UV stabilizing package (Makrolon 6487). The resin is produced in pellet form for processing by injection molding and is available in opaque colors and special visual effects.

Product Category
Polymers and Plastic Resins
Thermoplastic; MoldingCompound
Material System
Chemical System
Form / Shape
Features & Industry / Applications
Electronics; Business Machine Housings, Connectors
UL; Flame Retardant

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