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Pilot Chemical's Calfax® products are diphenyl oxide disulfonate anionic surfactants with a high charge density and superior stability. Latex and rubber emulsion polymerization, HI&I, PCC, and textile applications are some of the uses for Calfax® products. Manufactured by Pilot's proprietary ice-cold sulfonation process; Calfax® products are dependable, uniform, high purity, and low in color, assuring customer quality and performance every time. Pilot Chemical's Calfax® line offers both biodegradable linear and super stable branched products. Calfax® products are APEO-free, VOC-free and halogenated solvent free. In addition to the listed products, Pilot can custom manufacture Calfax® products to meet your specifications.


C10 (Linear) Sodium Diphenyl Oxide Disulfonate


Wetting, coupling and stabilizing agent. Also solubilizes phenolic germicides in detergent-disinfectant formulations. CFR 21 and 40 approved.