DC Circuit Switching Contactor -- GA75-10-00-84

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in: Motor Starters and Contactors

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DC Circuit Switching Contactor -- GA75-10-00-84 -- View Larger Image
DC Circuit Switching Contactor -- GA75-10-00-84-Image

A9 - A110
• Maximum UL/CSA horsepower ratings according to UL508 and CSA22.2 No. 14
• Includes NEMA sizes 00 - 3
• CE mark
• Compact space saving design

• Standard auxiliary contact configurations:

A9 - A40 1 NO or 1 NC

A50 - A110 1 NO & 1 NC
• Contactor sizes A50 - A110 can be supplied without auxiliaries

• Additional auxiliary contact blocks are available
• D.C. ratings & D.C. control operation available
• Fast, snap-on DIN rail mounting
• Double break contact design
• Snap-on front mounted accessories include mechanical latch, pneumatic timer, and 1 & 4 pole auxiliary contact blocks
• Contactors ensure positive safety between their auxiliary contact blocks.
• Easy coil change
• Captive terminal screws
• NEMA, UL, IEC, CSA, VDE and most other international standards
• Touch safe design: All connection terminals are protected against accidental touch
• Terminals supplied open for ease of wiring
• Operates over an extended voltage range of 85% to 110% of rated control voltage
• Screwdriver guide holes
• UL File No: E39231 (A9 - A75); (AE9 - AE75); (AL9 - AL40); (AF50 - AF75)
• UL File No: E36588 (A95 - A110); (AE95 - AE110); (AF145 - AF750)
• CSA File No: LR56745 (A9 - A75); (AE9 - AE75); (AF50 - AF75)
• CSA File No: LR19700 (A95 - A110); (AE95 - AE110); (AF145 - AF750)
• CSA approved for elevator service

Product Category
Motor Starters and Contactors
Standard Rating
Device Technology
AC Motor Phase
Starter Ratings
Continuous Current
35 amps

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