Manual Motor Protector Suitable for Use with 3 Phase Motors -- MS495-75

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in: Motor Starters and Contactors

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Manual Motor Protector Suitable for Use with 3 Phase Motors -- MS495-75 -- View Larger Image
Manual Motor Protector Suitable for Use with 3 Phase Motors -- MS495-75-Image

ABB MS Manual Motor Starter and branch circuit motor protectors

For Group Motor

The need for individual short-circuit protective devices such as fuses is eliminated in group motor applications; this saves both installation expense and panel space. ABB Manual Motor Starters are UL listed and CSA approved for use in group installations of motors. Manual Motor starters provide motor protection and disconnect method in a fraction of the space required for traditional components

For Single Motor

ABB manual motor starters provide overload protection as required by Article 430 of the National Electrical Code. Control is provided by manual operation of the contacts; overload protection is provided by an adjustable bi-metallic trip mechanism.
Adjustable ambient compensated Class 10 overload relay (-20°C to +45°C enclosed)

  • Enclosures with the following accessories : padlock attachment and Pilot light
  • Up to 30kA or 85kA with no back-up fuse required
  • Accessories included

MS450 Series & MS497 Series

  • Suitable for use with 3-phase motors up to 75 HP @480V, 100 HP @ 600V
  • 13 Setting ranges from 11 to 100 amps
  • Up to 50kA or 100kA with no back up fuse required
  • 35mm DIN rail snap-on mounting
  • Wide range of accessories

Product Category
Motor Starters and Contactors
Standard Rating
Device Technology
AC Motor Phase
Single; Three
Starter Ratings
Continuous Current
75 amps
Motor Voltage
575 volts

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