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BUS Cable -- Belden DeviceNet™ FRNC -- View Larger Image
BUS Cable -- Belden DeviceNet™ FRNC-Image

DeviceNet™ is a bus system developed by Allen Bradley (Rockwell Automation). These cables are used to interconnect various industrial devices, such as SPS controls or limit switches. The special characteristic of this bus system is that a data pair and a power supply pair are integrated in one cable. These cables with halogen free jacket are designed for fixed installation.

Product Category
Hookup Wires
Wire Performance
Rated Voltage
2000 volts
Nominal Diameter
0.2756 to 0.4724 inch (7 to 12 mm)
Wire Weight
0.1042 to 0.2902 lbs/ft (0.1550 to 0.4318 g/mm)
Rated Temperature
60 C (140 F)
Wire Construction
Wire Insulation

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Wire Conductor
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North American
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