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Torque Master Test System -- TSD 40035 -- View Larger Image
Torque Master Test System -- TSD 40035-Image

The Torque Master Test Systems combine space age accuracy with microprocessor technology and sophisticated torque cell design to offer simple, versatile, functional and accurate torque testing of all types of torquing devices. The thru-hole design torque cell allows for all forces to react within the cell structure and the unique strain gauge pattern allows for the precise measurement of pure torque cancelling all other unwanted components.

The use of a stand and base mounting plate with an appropriate square socket top adapter and drive bar renders the testing of reactive types of wrenches/multipliers an easy, safe and accurate task. This set up allows the testing of hydraulic torque wrenches without stacks, bending moments and the unknown of bending type devices. This system is easily adaptable to the testing of pneumatic Torque Wrenches.

The signal from the low profile thru-hole precision torque cell is processed by the TSD 6500 or 1250 capable of reading out in Ib.-ft., Ibs.-in., N-M, etc., peak hold circuit al-lows for precision evaluation of click type or failure type devices with manual or auto reset.

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