General Purpose Piezoelectric Accelerometer -- 3026

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General Purpose Piezoelectric Accelerometer -- 3026 -- View Larger Image
General Purpose Piezoelectric Accelerometer -- 3026-Image

The Models 3025, 3026 and 3027 Piezoelectric Accelerometers are offered in a choice of sensitivities for general vibration and shock work. The internal construction of the piezoelectric seismic system ensures that the units have no discernible spurious response to mounting torque, body strains, cable vibration, cable whip, pressure variations and most heat transients.

The sensor's stainless steel housing provides an environmentally rugged unit, while the epoxy seal offers protection against industrial environments. Its grounded case construction provides tight mechanical coupling which yields accurate, wideband shock and vibration data. These accelerometers feature a 10-32 top connector and are provided with a 10" lownoise coaxial cable. High temperature units will operate in environments up to +500 Deg. F.


  • Vibration & Shock
  • Choice of Sensitivities
  • Top Connector
  • Case Grounded
  • 10-32 Mounting Stud

Product Category
Vibration Sensors
Performance Specifications
1000 g
Frequency Range
1 to 5000 Hz
5.00 +/-% FS
Measurement Axes
Device Category
Sensor / Transducer

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